Ok, News About Fightmare
Posted by Pinhead325 on 10.04.2012
Leatherface 100%
Freddy Krueger 100%
Ash 95% (only fix)
Michael Myers 80% (fix)
Chucky 70% (fix)
Jason Part3 99,9%(fix)
Jill Roberts 100%
TallMan 99,7%(fix)
Leprechaun 67%
Maniac Cop 85%(fix)
CandyMan 99,6(fix)
Jason Undead 99,9%(fix)
leon kennedy 100%
herbert west 5%
mark hoffman 30%
pinhead 94%
the dead 100%
wesker 100%
pamela voorhees 57%
tallmans army 99%(fix)
zombies 70%
nemesis 1%
pluto 1%
jill valentine 2%
birkin 1%

New Stages
Candyman Lair
Evil Dead Cabin New Better Version
Freddys Lair (soon on download section)

And on download section you can find new stages and Leatherface, Freddy and beta Jason Undead;)
Remember Fightmare Coming on Halloween! i think!